Jin Shin Therapy

Jin Shin is a gentle touch-based therapy (clothes on) where the practitioner listens to the pulses along the meridians. The meridians are energetic pathways running beneath the skin’s surface and have been used in traditional energy medicine for thousands of years. The story of one’s development is encoded along these energetic pathways.  Jin Shin is the art of harmonising tensions and disturbances which show up as various symptoms in the body.

Learning to understand the nature, treatment and renegotiation of trauma is a particular focus of my work. In a deep state of relaxation and trust, the human body can more readily access its own state of balance, inner peace and wisdom.
The titration of trauma means stepping out of the habitual traumatic patterns little by little.
The renegotiation of trauma means awakening to new possibilities, possibilities the traumatized nervous system cannot access by itself.
Jin Shin is a subtle energy approach that reminds the nervous system of the capacity it has to respond in a balanced way, to breathe and receive both external and internal support.

In all cases of resolving trauma, overcoming resistance is essential because the tendency most humans have is to retain coping mechanisms, even when they are outmoded or ineffective.

Calming the stress response:

When we feel stressed or unsafe we employ the fight/flight response to shield us from danger.  We either fight or run away to protect ourselves. If this is not possible we have an automatic survival response known as freeze which involves the primitive part of the brain. Certain events that happen to us can have such an impact that the memory does not get processed like normal memories and feels every present.  Jin Shin therapy can help to calm this response by taking the charge out of how the memory is stored. Integration is an important part of this reorganisation so that we can live more securely in the present.

A Jin Shin treatment lasts approximately for one hour. It is an ideal support for the counselling/psychotherapy process and especially for Inner child journey work. It can also be a stand-alone treatment where the Client doesn’t have to interact at all and just relaxes and enjoys the experience.

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