Who is it for?

Supervision is for accredited counsellors and psychotherapists, pre-accredited therapists and students undergoing training courses in professional counselling and psychotherapy.  Supervision is also available to professionals in the related fields of social work, community work, social care and mental health professionals.

What is the purpose of supervision?

Supervision is a space for counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals to get support, develop their skills, and explore their work in terms of their professional client work and their own personal development. Supervision is protection against burn out and stress. Burn out comes from being overloaded and the onset of compassion fatigue. Supervision is a restorative process to replenish emotional energy through debriefing and emotional containment.

Supervision experience

In 2006 I trained in the Children's Therapy Center as a creative supervisor.  I currently work in the Family Life Centre Boyle Co. Roscommon as a supervisor along with providing supervision in private practice.

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