Inner Child journey work made simple.

If our emotional and psychological needs were not adequately met in childhood, they continue to exist today in their original state. We all have automatic survival mechanisms we rely on to cope and get on with life. . At some point, later on, we may feel like there is “something missing” may feel incomplete, not fully alive.

From experience, I have found one of the most rewarding practices to engage in is Inner Child work as a way of recovering the self. Inner Child work is about reclamation, it’s not about regression and it’s never about blame. Blame comes with feeling powerless. It’s a process of reconnecting and integrating those “lost parts” over time, it doesn’t happen all at once. Keeping the focus on staying present “in the here and now” is important to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes people worry if they can’t remember their childhood experience. All you need is to have a sense of the “child” not remembering is a way of coping and is quite common.
In getting to know yourself, you will discover you have a whole inner world to relate to, versus the thinking that everything of value is outside of yourself, out of reach, somewhere else. Through fostering a secure inner attachment we start to belong to ourselves.

When we peel back the layers of existence all we ever have is either love or fear. In fear we tense up, close off, become angry and isolated. When we develop an attitude of understanding and compassion everything softens and relaxes. The cells, connective tissue and organs in the body open to caring attitudes of communication, raising the vibration and healing at a deep level. Inner Child work becomes truly transformative when all the pain and suffering we carry within us potentially becomes empathy for ourselves and others.

Participation over the two days is always by choice, each person brings their own unique experience and wisdom and we learn from each other.

Conversations include Guidance on how to connect with child parts of the self, experiential exploration of boundaries, the inner critic, shame, guilt, and purpose of dissociation/shutting down, building resources, compassion, reflections, meditations, creativity and self-care.

"The Child is not something we outgrow. It is a life long channel for our Spirit." –Jon Eisman

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